Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents National Creator Awards

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents National Creator Awards

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presented the first National Creators Award at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi.

Prime Minister Modi presented the National Creator Awards at the Bharat Mandapam,  New Delhi,  honouring excellence in storytelling, social change, sustainability, education, gaming and other fields.

The National Creator Awards serve as proof of the power of creativity in bringing about positive change and inspiring millions worldwide.

The event proved to be an important milestone in recognizing and celebrating creators who have made impactful contributions in various fields.


Awards to Social Media Influencers

Notable social media influencers were among those who received the National Creator Award. Prime Minister Modi presented awards to individuals who have made significant contributions in their respective fields, inspiring millions with their creativity and foresight.

List of Winners:


Winner                                                                        Award

Shraddha Jain                                            Most Creative Creator (Female)

RJ Raunac (Bauaa)                                     Most Creative Creator-Male

Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps)           Disruptor of the Year

Pankhti Pandey                                         Favourite Green Champion

Nishchay                                                     Best Creator in Gaming Category

Naman Deshmukh                                    Best Creator in Education Category

Malhar Kalambe         Cleanliness Ambassador

Maithili Thakur                                          Cultural Ambassador of The Year

Keerthika Govindasamy   Best Storyteller

Kamiya Jani                                                Favourite Travel Creator

Kabita Singh (Kabita’s Kitchen)               Best Creator in Food Category

Jaya Kishori                                                Best Creator for Social Change

Jahnvi Singh                                               Heritage Fashion Icon

Gaurav Chaudhary                                    Best Creator in Tech Category

Drew Hicks                                                 Best International Creator

Aridaman                                                   Best Micro Creator

Ankit Baiyanpuria                                      Best Health and Fitness Creator

Aman Gupta                                              Celebrity Creator

Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents National Creator Awards

Exams Related Facts

The National Creator Awards  include 20 categories, highlighting the diversity and depth of creativity in different fields.

The winners, including three international creators,  were selected from more than 1.5 lakh nominations, highlighting the wide reach and impact of their work.

From storytelling to social change advocacy, environmental sustainability to education and gaming,  etc., the awards aim to acknowledge excellence and innovation that brings positive change in society.



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