Minerals and Energy Resources of Bihar

Minerals and Energy Resources of Bihar

Bihar is the principal holder of the country’s pyrite resources and possesses 95% of the resources.

Bihar has some valuable resources of Bauxite in Jamui district, Cement Morter in Bhabhua, Mica in Muzaffarpur, Nawada, Jamui, Gaya and salt in Gaya and Jamui.

Iron and copper ore are also produced in Bihar.


Minerals and Energy Resources in Bihar


  • Prior to the bifurcation, Bihar was one of the leading producers of minerals.
  • South Bihar has a greater concentration of minerals than North Bihar
  • Asbestos
    • It is fibrous in nature.
    • It can be used in fireproof safes, insulators, insulating mats etc.
    • In Bihar, it is mainly found in Munger.
    • Asbestos cement is used in making sheets, pipes, and tiles for building purposes.
  • Mica
    • 3 varieties of mica are found in India – Muscovite, Phlogopite, and Biotite.
    • For its insulating property, it is used abundantly in the electronics industry.
    • Mica that is found in Bihar and Jharkhand is Muscovite.
    • In Jharkhand, it is found in Hazaribagh, Koderma, and Giridih.
    • It is found in Southeast Bihar in the districts of Nawada, Jamui, Muzaffarpur, Gaya.
    • Prior to the bifurcation, Bihar was a leader in mica production.
  • Pyrite
    • Author (Rohtas) has an iron pyrite industry.
    • Industries like fertiliser, petroleum, steel etc. use Sulphuric acid.
    • It is the sulfide of iron, chiefly used for making Sulphuric acid.
    • Mainly found in the Sone valley and Vidhyan belt in Rohtas district.
  • Limestone
    • Limestone deposits are of sedimentary origin.
    • It chiefly consists of Calcium Carbonate.
    • In Rohtas, Munger and Kaimur, good quality limestones are found.
    • Superior quality limestone is used in the cement industry while low quality is used in the iron and building construction industry.
  • Manganese
    • In Bihar, it is found in Patna, Munger and Gaya.
    • India is the 5th largest producer and has the 9th largest reserves in the world.
    • It is used in the Iron and Steel industry for making alloy.

Monazite is found in Gaya and Munger.

  • Quartz
    • It is found in Munger.
    • It is used in the cement and power industries.
  • Uranium
    • It is found in Gaya.
    • It is used in nuclear reactors.
  • Beryllium
    • It is used as a moderator in the nuclear reactor.
    • It is found in the Gaya district.
  • Bauxite
    • It is not a specific mineral but a rock consisting mainly of hydrated aluminium oxides.
    • It is found in the Munger and Rohtas district.
    • It is an important ore of aluminium.
    • It is found along with quartz in Pegmatite rocks.
    • It has applications in ceramic, glass and refractory industries.
    • Feldspar is found in Munger, Gaya and Jamui district.
  • LEAD
    • This is obtained from a mineral named Galena.
    • Lead is used in many forms.
    • It is Found in Banka and Rohtas District.
  • Gold
    • It is used for making ornaments and is also used as an international currency.
    • It is found in the Jamui district.
    • It is auriferous lodes and some of it is found in the sands of rivers.


Energy Resources in Bihar

  • The per capita power consumption of Bihar is 327.7 kWh much lower than India’s 1030.25 kWh.
  • It generates employment thus leading to the elimination of poverty and human development.
  • But still, Bihar has faced the power deficit continuously.
  • Availability of adequate, reliable, affordable and quality power is necessary for economic growth and to sustain that growth.
  • Bihar State Electricity Board was set up in April 1958 under the Electricity Supply Act.
    • It was mandated for the generation, transmission, and distribution in Bihar.
  • Power generation in Bihar is primarily based on fossil fuels.
  • But to promote renewable energy, Bihar Govt. has created an agency called Bihar Renewable Energy Development Agency (BREDA)


  • Kosi Hydel Power Station
    • It was handed over to the Bihar govt. on 16th November 2003
    • It was commissioned in 1970.
    • Constructed on the river Kosi in Supaul
  • Barauni Thermal Power Plant
    • The only power plant under the state sector.
    • It is based on the oil refinery at Barauni.
    • Established in 1970 with Russian help.
  • Kanti Bijli Utpadan Nigam Limited
    • It is a joint venture of NTPC and Bihar State & Power Generation Company Limited.


  • New Thermal Projects in Bihar

Nabi Nagar Power Plant

The project is located in Aurangabad. It will be a coal-based plant.

Kajara Power Plant

The project will be constructed at Lakhisarai. It will be constructed by NTPC.

Pirpainti Power Plant

The project will be constructed at Bhagalpur. It will be constructed by NHPC.

New Projects – Hydel

Ultra-Mega Power Power Project will be constructed in Banka.

Mathai Hydel Power Project in West Champaran

Chausa Hydel Power Plant in Buxar


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