Important 500 Questions Of Biology part-1

Hello Friends ! Uploading the Important 500 Questions Of Biology part-1 serves as a crucial resource for students who are diligently preparing for exams. These questions cover a wide range of topics within biology, helping students to thoroughly revise and assess their understanding of key concepts.

By practicing these questions, students can enhance their retention of biological facts, improve their problem-solving skills, and familiarize themselves with the exam pattern. Additionally, having access to a comprehensive set of biology questions enables students to identify their strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to focus their efforts on areas that require more attention. Overall, uploading such important questions facilitates effective exam preparation and empowers students to approach their biology exams with confidence.

Important 500 Questions Of Biology part-1

Important 500 Questions Of Biology part-1


‘Ecomark’ is given to those Indian products which are – environment friendly.
Who first used the word ‘gene’ – Johanson
Who coined the word ‘gene’ – G. Mendel
What is the study of ‘Genetics’ – Heredity and variation
Considered as ‘World Heritage Forest’ – Beautiful forest in reptiles and birdsWest Bengal

DNA fingerprints are used to identify – rapist, parents, thief
Who gave the Double Helix Model of DNA – Watson and Crick
The most dangerous effect of excessive deforestation is – soil erosion.
How do most insects respire – through the respiratory system
Genetic mutation occurs – Chromosome

Archeopteryx is the connecting link between which classes of animals – reptiles and birds.
Archeopteryx is – the oldest bird of the Jurassic period.
What is the minimum land required to make a human being’s life completely sustainable? – Ecological Footprint
A color blind man marries a normal woman. Symptoms of color blindness will arise-  in the sons of his daughters.
Among the children of a color blind man and a normal woman, the probability of the son becoming color blind is – 0%
What is the number of chromosomes in a normal human body cell – 46
Amphibia forms – animals that can live both in water and on land.
Ozone affects human health by causing severe pulmonary disease at concentrations up to – 0 ppm.
Which plant is called ‘Indian herbal doctor’ – Amla
The bark of which tree makes the spice rich in nitrogen – Cinnamon
In which crop Azolla Anabaena bio fertilizer is used – Rice
Which vegetable food contains maximum protein – Soybean
Which group of organisms is important in detecting death due to drowning – Diatoms
Which snake’s food is mainly other snakes – King Cobra.

Due to whose presence the Chameleon changes color – Pigment
By whom the science of heredity was called ‘genetics’ – Watson
Some desert lizards expel their feces in dry form. What kind of help does it provide – Adaptation of organisms according to the environment
Keel is not found in which – Duck
The suicide bag of the cell is called – lysosome.
Who lays eggs and does not give birth to children directly – Echidna
Which part changes into the elephant’s tusk – second incisor
Which crop enriches the soil with nitrogen – Pea
Chromosome contains – DNA and protein
Wheat, barley, lemon, rye, orange and millet belong to – three plant families
The only snake that makes a nest is – King Cobra
What is sandalwood tree considered – partial root parasite
What was the Chipko movement originally against – deforestation
Pine nuts are obtained from the seeds of which species – Pine
Roots have positive geotropism – most
When plant diversity is conserved in its natural habitat, this conservation is called – in situ.
Fish die when taken out of water because they-  cannot breathe.
Biofuel is obtained from whose seeds – Jatropha
Dinosaurs were – Mesozoic reptiles
Dinosaurs were reptiles that became – extinct.
Darwin’s finches are used for –  group of birds.
D.N.A. Who first proposed the double helix format of – Watson and Crick
What is the sea creature named Dugong which is on the verge of extinction? – Mammal
The stability of the pond ecosystem depends on – producers and consumers
Release of which in ponds and wells helps in controlling mosquitoes – Gambusia
The transition zone between two different communities is called – ecotone.
Coriander contains useful components – leaves and dry fruits.
Plants that produce both male flowers and female flowers are called – hermaphrodites.
Kiwi is a flightless bird found in New Zealand.
The red, orange and yellow colors of leaves are due to – carotenoids
The organization basically concerned with environmental planning is – NEERI
Which animal was the first cloned animal ‘Dolly’ – Sheep
Panda also belongs to the same family as bears.
What is the cycling of elements in the ecosystem called – Biogeochemical cycle
Whose scientific name is Pavo cristatus – Peacock
Which chromosomal combination is responsible for masculinity in man – XY
The largest living bird on earth is – Ostrich
Where is the penguin bird found – Antarctica
What is the green substance found in the leaves of trees called – Chlorophyll
The process of photosynthesis occurs from – CO2, water and chlorophyll
The main factor that determines the balance of nature is – human activities.
DNA was first synthesized in the laboratory by – Khurana
Who is the closest relative of modern man among the primates – Gorilla
The eye-stabilizing bacteria found in the nodules present in the roots of leguminous plants are – symbiotic.
Pheromones are found in – insects
The chromosome responsible for determining the sex of children is – father’s
Left aortic arch is visible in – Mammals
Which is the main reason for ecological imbalance in India – Deforestation
The largest fish in India is – Whale Shark
The insectivorous fish used to control mosquitoes is – Gambusia.
Drones in honey bees are fertile males.
Due to the combination of which chromosomes in a human being, a child will be born – Y for a man and X for a woman.
In humans, the chromosome combination of male is – XY
By whom are the characteristics of parents transferred to their children – through chromosomes
What will be the effect of global warming on mangrove forests – vast areas of mangroves will be submerged.
Mammoth is the ancestor of elephant
If all the plants in the world die, then all the animals will also die due to lack of – Oxygen
Which is the anticoagulant substance in blood – Heparin
The Red Data Book provides information about those species which are endangered.
Litmus is obtained from a lichen
A person with color blindness will see red – green.
The only bird that flies backwards – Hummingbird
The pigment which protects plants from the harmful effects of violet rays is – Phycocyanin.
Mammal that curls up into a ball at the signal of danger – spiny rat
What is bamboo classified as – grass
Which of the following is intended for ex situ conservation of different species – Germplasm Bank
The most endangered top predator of Asia is on the verge of extinction – Dhole.
The fastest growing water plant in the world is – Water Hyacinth.
How many chambers are there in the heart of a whale – 4
How many bones are there in shark fish – 0

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